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Kret The Chancellor

In Kret The Chancellor the tasks are slightly different from what they have been so far. The Chancellor has to distribute the blocks pushed up from down below and to push them into the side chambers. That is why Kret can - just like in Kret The Minister - push the blocks aside. Points are scored for blocks which fall down to the very bottom of the side chambers or at least pushed aside as far as possible.

The block passages are pretty narrow, which is why they are usually jammed and you have to destroy the blocks obstructing the traffic with kicks. Destroying one block means losing 20 points. This is not much, still, unless you choose well the blocks to be destroyed, you may quickly lose all you have got by ill-considered kicking.

Blocks come only from down below and are pushed up all the time. They are not always moving - they may be stopped by the ceiling or by other blocks in the side passages, through which they should be pushed out from the Chancellor's office. By pushing them aside or destroying them Kret creates empty spaces, which are immediately taken up by more blocks. Of course, the law of gravity is still valid - the blocks which are not supported by others fall down. The upward movement of blocks pushed up from down below together with the downward movement of blocks falling down cause the empty spaces to shrink quickly.

The Chancellor can win new lives and thanks to this he can hold his office longer. On the sides of his office there are windows. They are not merely decoration - they are the windows of his ministers. When the Chancellor works hard and scores points after points, his ministers are encouraged to work hard, too, and the more they work, the more lights are lit in the windows. When lights are lit in all the windows, the Chancellor wins another life and part of his ministers start celebrating success and switch the lights off. The lights also go off when the Chancellor does not work hard enough and does not score points. That is why before leaving the game for a longer period of time you should choose the "Break" option - otherwise all the lights will go off and getting them switched on will be, as usual, a laborious process.

In exceptional cases the Chancellor will not be able to either push or destroy blocks. In such circumstances you can use a special procedure: press the "Q" key and Kret will ram into the block on which he is standing. In this way the block will be destroyed, but the Chancellor will lose one life, so you should not overuse this option. Practically, there is always another solution.

Kret The Chancellor is definitely a logic game requiring the use of imagination. Of course, there are elements of a game of skill, too, so you need your reflexes as well.

Enjoy the game!

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