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Kret The Boss

Kret The Boss is another online game - the third part of adventures of Kret. There are miners now who work for Kret the Managing Director. Their movements are independent of the player's will and they destroy bits of rubble thus scoring points for the Director. The blocks come from the top and from the side channels.

Obviously, due to the miners' activity the situation in the mine keeps changing. The moving blocks threaten the Director's life. The higher the level of the game, the more workers there are and so the more difficult it becomes for him to survive. One advantage of the miners is that they are immortal and that they can support the blocks falling down on them, which may often save the Director's life. However, too close a relationship with the workers may have a sad ending. The miners are just as dangerous for the Director as the blocks - they may crush him, killing him in this way, or knock him out with a kick.

Another thing is, the Director cannot afford to laze his time away counting only on the points scored for him by his workers. If he is not active enough for some time, the miners will stop working. The workers' strike is a very serious warning for the Director, and he should not disregard it if he wants to avoid serious consequences. Unless he gets down to work straightaway, the bottom release in the floor of the mine will open up and the pile of rubble will start sliding down into the depths... For the Director it usually means losing a number of lives in the stream of flowing down blocks.

Fortunately, the Director can win new lives: all he needs to do is hunt down the Mysterious Sack, known from Kret The Miner. In order to get hold of the contents of the Sack, he has to break it up with a kick. Chasing the Sack breaking through the rubble can be really exciting, especially as it may be taken over by the miners (in which case the Director does not win a life) or even it may crush the Director himself. You must be very careful! The Director can have 5 spare lives at the most! If he has 5 lives when he breaks up the Sack, he only scores points, but wins no lives.

Note that in this game there is an additional control function which helps the Director survive: you can switch off flapping his paws when he is falling. When the Director does not flap his paws when falling down, he falls down faster - as fast as the blocks. This facilitation, the possibility of winning new lives as well as supporting the falling down blocks by the miners - all these make Kret The Boss a game much easier than Kret The Miner. The work done by the miners considerably lowers the possibility of predicting the development of the situation and because of this Kret The Boss is much less of a logic game.

Enjoy the game!

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