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Kret The Minister

The rules of Kret The Minister are different from those of the other Kret games, even though the falling down blocks are still present in this game. The Minister's task is to transfer as many blocks as possible through the chamber in which he is working, that is , through the Ministry. He scores points when he drops the blocks down into the depths below. The task is not a simple one, considering that in the chamber there are immobile, unremovable obstacles which block the free flow of blocks. Of course, you can still destroy them with a kick, but in this game Kret should only do it when it is absolutely necessary, in exceptional cases.

To help him carry out his new tasks Kret has been equipped with another skill - he can now push single blocks or even whole piles of them aside. The Minister should manoeuvre the falling down blocks round the obstacles so that as many of them as possible fall down into the depths. Obviously, blocks can be pushed aside only if there is some empty space next to them.When one block is pushed, all the blocks it pushes and all those resting upon it move with it. The blocks below do not change their position. If the blocks form a tangled construction resting against the walls of the chamber or against the immobile obstacles inside it, they cannot be moved. Sometimes a push from the other side may be worth a try, but it may happen that no element can be moved. Such blockades can be broken in a traditional way - by destroying selected blocks with kicks. However, destroying a block means losing points for the Minister. That is why this option should not be overused.

Because of the new skills the animal is controlled in a slightly different way, described in detail in the applet section.

Before pushing a block you should give some thought to whether they will not cause a hold-up when they fall down and whether Kret will be able to move freely among the blocks. You must also make sure not to push blocks to the very wall, as it will be impossible to push them away from it once you do it. Fortunately in its middle part the chamber is wider than the stream of falling down blocks, which makes it possible to manouevre the elements within certain limits.

The Minister has not got the power to push the blocks upwards. In this game Kret loses his life in the same way as in previous parts, that is, when he is crushed.

Unlike the previous parts, in this one points are scored for blocks pushed down into the depths. Destroying a block with a kick lowers the block count and causes the deduction of 500 points from the total score. Just like in the other games in the series, the game automatically speeds up when a certain block count is reached.

Kret The Minister is more of a logic game than a game of skills. Practically everything depends on the player's inventiveness. There are no unpredictable incidents here such as blocks breaking up on their own.

Enjoy the game!

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