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Kret The Miner

Kret The Miner is seemingly a game very similar to Kret. The same falling blocks which Kret has to break up. However, there are new elements which totally change the character of the game.

The most significant change is the influx of rubble from the side wall channels. Blocks are thrown out from the channels and then they push against other blocks in their way. If there is some empty space behind them, they all move. The pressure works all the time, but only on blocks at the outlets of the channels. However, the blocks do not always move, because 'bridges' form between the walls - blocks rest one against another and one against another filling the space between the walls in this way and thus staying motionless. Obviously, when a 'bridge' like this is broken, the blocks will move. In order to avoid danger you need to analyse the arrangement of all the blocks on the screen.

You must make sure that Kret doesn't get crushed by blocks charging at him from two sides. If there is some empty space, Kret will be pushed by moving blocks and will take up the neighbouring position. When the block upon which Kret is standing moves, the animal moves with it. But you cannot let him find himself between pieces of rubble advancing at him from both sides.

In Kret The Miner there are no blocks breaking up at the bottom. Instead, from time to time a Mysterious Sack falls down fom above. The block upon which the Sack lands after some fixed time breaks up, which makes it possible for the Sack to fall lower down. Of course, the disappearance of the block may disturb the balance of the whole pile, which will cause the blocks to fall down and get pushed from the sides by the inflowing rubble. Thanks to that the arrangement of blocks keeps changing, even when Kret doesn't do anything.

Note that after reaching the floor the Mysterious Sack explodes, eliminating all the neighbouring blocks at the same time. This also disturbs the balance in the mine.

The blocks move sideways and fall down simultaneously. However, in order to be able to foresee their movements correctly you must know that in every cycle the fall takes place before lateral movement.

In Kret The Miner all block movements can be predicted, which makes this game of skill a unique game of logic as well!

There are quite long periods of time when Kret The Miner may seem a very simple game, but do not be deceived! There will be times when everything will be in motion!

In each round the player has got six chances (six lives). It might seem to make things considerably easier, but you will see that Kret comes back to life in exactly the same place in which he got killed ( the point marked with a cross). Obviously, before the game is restarted, the marked block disappears. If there are dynamic changes of the situation in the mine, you can lose your six lives in no time!

That's why you need to be careful when you decide where to send Kret!

Enjoy the game!

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