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What do you need to do to play Kret?

The adventures of Kret are free online games. Each game is a Java applet. If you have Java installed, just go to Kret, Kret The Miner, Kret The Boss, Kret The Minister, Kret The Chancellor or Kret The Resident website and press the button with the appropriate caption: "Play Kret (...)". If Java is not installed, instead of the button in most browsers you will see an icon and the caption, eg. "Click here to get the plugin". When you click it, you go to the website which enables you to download and install Java. Version 1.6.0_02 or later is required. You can download it from here.

For the applets to work correctly JavaScript should be on, but it is switched on by default in each browser.

Where is the score list saved?

Each player has access to the local score list saved in the cookie file of the browser. For the list to be saved and available after each restart of the browser you need to set up saving cookies until they expire. This is a default setup of most internet browsers. In case it is necessary to change the setup of the cookies, you will find some advice on how to do it here.

Apart from the local list there are also general Top 100 rankings of best scores, separate for each game. Each ambitious player can get there. If they do, they will be rewarded with a certificate which they will be able to print out.

How are points scored?

Scoring rules are quite complicated in Kret. Kret scores points by destroying blocks with his kicks. The actual number of points scored with one kick depends on the currently running level of the game as well as on the height at which the block was destroyed. In addition, Kret scores points when he avoids crushing. If a block falls down by 1 position, Kret scores 1 point provided the block does not crush him. If 10 blocks fall down, he scores 10 points.

Note that Kret not only scores points, but also loses them. Each time a block breaks up on its own, points are deducted. That is why it is a good idea to destroy breaking up blocks. It is also a good idea to go up as high as possible and destroy blocks there as well as to start the game at the highest level possible. However, it is up to the player to decide about the strategy.

In Kret The Miner the scoring rules are very similar. In addition, there are points for horizontal movement of the blocks (scored, just like when blocks fall down, only if they do not crush Kret) and points are deducted when blocks break up crushed by the Mysterious Sack.

In Kret The Boss there are extra points for winning another life. Besides, the miners score points, too, but they are less effective - the Director scores more for the same kick!

In Kret The Minister, for a change, destroying a block means losing points. The focus of the game is on directing the stream of blocks into the narrow opening. Points are scored for every block dropped into the depths...

How do you change the level (the speed) of the game?

The level of the game changes automatically after destroying a definite number of blocks or else you can change it manually using the keyboard. Once a round starts, the level of the game cannot be lowered.

How do you get a Certificate?

You get a Cerificate of Kret, Kret The Miner, Kret The Boss, Kret The Minister, Kret The Chancellor or Kret The Resident by getting a good score, which will be placed on the appropriate Top 100 list. After each round is finished, the program checks if the score achieved secures the player's place on the list. If so, the player will see a button with the "Certificate" caption. Caution: you can press the button once only!

The Certificate gives the player's nickname, date, the score and the position on the Top 100 list. You can print it any number of times and in any format, eg. the size of a credit card or the A4 size sheet of paper. An exemplary Kret Cerificate looks like this:

Kret Certificate

Caution: if the Certificate is not printed directly after the game is finished, it will be impossible to reproduce it at a later time. More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Kret Certificate is just an honorary prize and does not give any entitlements. It just documents a player's score so that they can boast about it later on.

Caution: your good score secures your place on the Top 100 list as long as your internet connection is still active!

What happens when you click the banner in Kret games?

After clicking the banner the game is minimized. The website corresponding to the link in the banner is opened in a new tab or a new window, depending on the browser setup. Obviously, you can always return to the interrupted game and continue the round.

Is there a way out from the dungeon?

Kret has got to find that out on his own.


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