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In order to use the Kretland website users do not need to register or log in, so the website does not posess, store or process their personal data such as nicknames, passwords, names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc. It is only when you achieve a good score in one of the games and get a place on the appropriate Top 100 list that your nickname will be published there together with your score and the date you achieved it. Still, in each of the online games in Kretland there is a button which enables you to avoid sending your nickname and your result to the Top 100 list. Of course, if you click this button, your result will not be published on the list. However, it is only when you decide to publish your result on the Top 100 list that you will be able to open and print the Kret Certificate giving your nickname, your score and your position on the Top 100 list as well as the date you took that position. The certificate is generated automatically by the applet locally on your computer. Before printing it you may be given a warning by the browser and you may be asked about access to a printer and your permission to print the Certificate directly from the applet of the game. The data about the certificates and their contents is not stored, so if you do not print your Certificate immediately after finishing the game and before closing the applet, it will be impossible to reproduce it at a later time. The Certificate can only be printed from the applet of the game immediately after finishing it. It is only an honorary prize and does not give you any entitlements.

Whenever you visit an internet website, the data related to your visit, e.g. the IP address, the domain name, browser type, operation system type etc., is automatically collected. Such data can be used for statistic analysis, analysis of user behaviour on our website or for personalization of the contents of our website. Automatic data collecting concerns each user and is done by practically each internet website.

Whenever you contact us via the internet, by phone, email etc. you give us your personal data such as e.g. your name, surname, email address, phone number etc. Such data will only be used to answer your questions.

In the future our internet website may use cookie files to identify your browser while you use our website. The cookies will not contain any personal data. At the moment you do not have to log on to our website and such cookies are not used.

The only data that is saved in cookies by the Kret game applets at present is your local score list where your nickname and your score is given. The cookies are saved locally by the Java applets using JavaScript and are not sent to our website. Thanks to them each time you restart the browser and start any of the Kret games, your scores are saved and displayed. The cookies are valid for one year, after which they will be automatically removed by the browser. No other cookie files apart from those saving score lists are used by our website.

However, since our website displays some banner ads, some of your data, such as your IP address, browser type etc., may be saved in the so called third party cookies, which can be used by the advertisers for their purposes. This is typical of internet advertising. Internet browsers provide the option of blocking third party cookies.

We reserve the right to change the privacy policy by publishing a new privacy policy in the same place. Should you have any more questions concerning our privacy policy, please contact us by email. Our email address is published on the Contact site.

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