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The first version of Kret

The first version of Kret was created at the beginning of the year 1991. The program worked under DOS system, of course. The game won numerous devotees. Its popularity was even recognized by the press. Even today you can find Kret in many internet services under the 'old games' entry.

The game looked like this:

Old game Kret

The program worked in the EGA graphics mode (640x350 pixels in 16 colours). Direct mapping of points would make the screenshot above differ from what the game really looks like on the screen, that is why the screenshot has been vertically extended a bit to show the right proportions.

Here is a brief overview of articles about Kret in contemporary press.

Kret's career started with a bang - it got straightaway on the list of "The Best of Shareware House A.D. 1991" of PCKurier. The editors broke the rule of not taking into account games!

Shareware House - A Christmas Gift, PCkurier 25/91

"(...) a little bit against our rules perhaps this time something light ... two spectacular games: Kung Fu Louie and - something interesting - Kret, a Polish game of skills. Kret works even with Hercules as well as EGA and VGA."

Enter and get down to work, Gazeta Wyborcza, march 1994

"(...) Since February Kret has been reigning in bureaux de change. A little mole eats up blocks placed above him or next to him. Once a block is eaten up, another one slides down - the mole has to run away to avoid being crushed.

Here's what a woman working for one of Wa³brzych's bureaux de change, seventh on the list of top scores in "Kret", told a "Gazeta" reporter: I would love to ask someone to install a secret code for starting "Kret". When I come to work, the computer is already occupied. By Kret-players, of course."

KRET, Bajtek, 1994

"There are different kinds of computer games. First, there are games in which the player's reflexes and the killer instinct play the essential role. Second, there are games in which the player has to show the capability of l ogical thinking. Finally, there are games in which you need all of these.(...)

And here comes KRET where you need some thinking and some reflexes but where you do not need to have a lot of cash. (...)"

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