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Ultra Gomoku

Here's a real treat for old game enthusiasts! It has never been published before! An old Polish logic game working under the DOS system - Ultra Gomoku, that is the popular noughts and crosses up to 5 in a row on a 19x19 board . The game was created in the same period as the first version of Kret, that is in 1991.

What is interesting about this game is the possibility of switching over to analysis preview - while predicting the development of the situation, the program makes its moves and displays the figures in analysed positions on the board. Everything happens very quickly, of course, but the program's reaction time slows down all the same.

The graphic design of the game is worth noting, too - it was really impressive at the time!

By today's standards the game is not very powerful, perhaps, still, it may be quite challenging for less advanced players. For those more demanding and experienced the next version of the program should be more interesting.

Ultra Gomoku works on the Hercules graphics card, too, of course.

Note that this game is not to be found anywhere else on the internet. You could say it is the premiere of this old game!

Gra logiczna - Ultra Gomoku

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