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Graphics editor VGRAPH 3.0 (beta, Polish version)

The program presented here is a vector graphics editor VGRAPH 3.0 in the unfinished beta version. It was created in 1996 and works under DOS operating system. Unlike its previous versions, VGRAPH 1.0 and VGRAPH 2.1, the version presented here has never been published before and is not available anywhere else. The originator of the program was a firm called Vulcan, which later on collaborated with another, no longer existing, firm called Videographics to carry on further work on VGRAPH. The last version, the one presented here, was made by Videographics alone.

Here's a screenshot of VGRAPH editor with example graphics:

Graphics editor VGRAPH 3.0

VGRAPH graphics editor is a program working in DOS environment, which is why starting it from he Windows system level may cause certain difficulties and conflicts. As there may be problems connected with the program's cooperation with the graphics card, the mouse and the printer, we recommend reading the remarks below.

VGRAPH 3.0 is provided with a highly advanced interface looking at first glance like that of a program working under the Windows system, which it definitely is not.

The user has a wide choice of configurable tools at his disposal. Among them there are geometric figures, freehand drawings, Bezier curves, flood fill, shading, operations on bitmaps and texts and even correcting a zoomed picture. Apart from that there are numerous editors enabling unlimited definition of the elements used. The program includes editors of outline and bitmap fonts, of library patterns, shading gradients, of texts, animations, an editor enabling operations on the vector form of the picture, colour palette editor, an editor of transparent and replacement colours etc.

In the VGRAPH program there is a wide range of options for working on already drawn elements. Apart from deleting an element, it is possible to move it, copy it, that is "paint" with the drawn element or a group of them using "freehand", change the shape, the order of drawing, the colour, the chosen pattern, transparent colours of this pattern etc. The editing may be done on the vector form of the picture, that is on the list of drawn elements, using a cascade of windows enabling changes of all the parameters or directly on the picture, the element or the chosen group of elements.

This screenshot shows how you can edit the vector form of the drawn elements (you can see the cascade of windows):

Graphics editor VGRAPH 3.0 - edition

Version 2.1 was quite a number of times mentioned in the press and had several reviews. Here are some of the larger articles in the chronological order:

The Polish rival of Corel Draw, Gazeta Wyborcza, 07.02.1995

"VGRAPH 2.1 is an excellent Polish program for making pictures and computer animations. It may well compete with the famous Corel Draw."

Graphics editor VGRAPH 2.1, PC Magazine, March 1995

"Getting acquainted with all the functions does take some time, but it seems that the results that can be obtained are really interesting."

Good among the best, Chip, June 1995

"VGRAPH offers as many as 31 graphic tools for making freehand drawings ( a stamp, a spray, a pen), for drawing geometric figures (ellipses, rectangles), lines, Bezier curves, for shading, floodfilling, inserting texts (also deformed) and bitmaps. There are about 900 ready patterns (...)"

Minimum requirements, maximum possibilities, PC WORLD Komputer, nr 7-8, 1995

"The wide range of capabilities (particularly exceptional as far as the programs working in the DOS environment are concerned) of the VGRAPH program tempts you to experiment."

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