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The adventures of Kret the mole are original Polish online games accessible from a website. Since they are full-screen Java applets, in order to play them you need to install this environment first. Considering the fact that over 90% of internauts have already done it, you can probably start the game straightaway. Apart from that, JavaScript service needs to be on, which is also a standard today. Should you still have any problems, click here for some advice.

In order to play online choose a game from the menu on the left or click on the appropriate picture below.

Kret is an online version of a cult Polish game from the year 1991, that is from the times of DOS operating system's reign (here you can view and download the historic version of Kret). Below you can see the reduced-size view of modern Kret.


Kret The Miner is a game, seemingly resembling Kret, but virtually totally new. Not only are the threats and block movements different,but also the developement of the situation in the game is predictable! This, however is not very easy and requires a lot of imagination. The chance factor has been minimized. The original Kret The Miner rules make it difficult to determine if it is a game of skill or of logic.

Below you can see the reduced-size screenshot of Kret The Miner:

Kret The Miner

Kret The Boss is another game featuring Kret in the main part. This time Kret supervises some workers who score points for him incessantly burrowing piles of blocks. As the Boss he would have virtually nothing to do, were it not for the fact that, because of the workers' activity, everything keeps moving in the dungeon, which makes his life rather difficult... Fortunately he can always win another life!

Here is a reduced-size view of the Kret The Boss screenshot:

Kret The Boss

The next new game in the series is Kret The Minister. The rules of the game are totally different from those of its predecessors.The task here is not to destroy the falling blocks, but to move them around obstacles and make them fall lower down. In order to achieve this, Kret can push blocks aside. Obviously, in some cases it is impossible to avoid removing a block, so this option still remains. Before starting the game, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with a short introduction into the rules of the game. Kret The Minister is primarily a logic game with elements of a game of skill.

Below you can see a reduced-size screenshot of Kret The Minister.

Kret The Minister

Kret The Chancellor is another game and another episode in Kret's career. As usual, the rules differ from those of the previous games. The blocks are only pushed up from down below and points are scored by pushing them aside. You can, and sometimes even you have to, destroy blocks. Points are deducted for destroying blocks, the punishment is not, however, very severe. In this game you can win more lives - through hard work, of course. Just like the previous game, this one, too, is a logic game with elements of a game of skill.

Here's a screenshot of Kret The Chancellor:

Kret The Chancellor

The next stage of the amazing career of Kret is Kret the Resident. This time there are two of them! Of course one of them rules and the other one copies his moves. Each of them is in different surroundings, so you have to be twice as watchful! For most of the time it is peace and quiet and all you need to do is to analize the block configuration, but from time to time they are attacked from different sides. And then - woe is them!

Below is the screenshot of Kret the Resident:

Kret The Resident

Having won a good score and enrolled on the Top 100 list, the player is awarded a Kret Certificate which can be printed out. The certificate gives the player's nickname, the date, the score and the position on the Top 100 list. The certificates of Kret, Kret the Miner, Kret The Boss, Kret The Minister, Kret The Chancellor and Kret The Resident confirm the score won, but do not entitle the player to make any claims whatsoever.

Are there any secrets hidden in Kret's dungeons? Are the dungeons unchangeable? Is there perhaps a secret exit there? Surely these are some intriguing questions...

The section "History/Download" is also worth visiting. Apart from the original 1991 version of Kret, there is an unpublished-before 1995 version available for downloading. In addition there are two versions of a game of logic called Ultra Gomoku, a program playing noughts and crosses up to five in a row. Ultra Gomoku version 2.0 has a powerful algorithm. It is a perfect tool for problem solving - when tested, it was 100% effective.

Another interesting program available in this section is a graphic editor VGRAPH 3.0 from the year 1996, working under DOS.

Note that those programs have never been published before, either.

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