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Kret The Chancellor

The odds were against Kret, but ... he made it! He has become the Chancellor! A huge responsibility rests with him now. If he tries hard and performs his duties well, all his ministers will feel obliged to work even harder. This, in turn, will bring about the Chancellor's rise in popularity and pave the way to further successes and a chance of winning a second term, which is particularly important.

The Chancellor's duties include distributing the blocks delivered by his officials and dropping them down into the side chambers. Usually it is impossible, but, fortunately, the Chancellor can destroy the blocked blocks with kicks. He loses just a few points in this way, so it may pay.

This time Kret's task is really difficult. Sometimes you just don't know what to start with... But a real chancellor is known not by how he starts, but by how he ends. Is that the highest position Kret can reach? After all, it is not only his hard work that everything depends on...

Keyboard Control

moving Kret/pushing blocks to the left
moving Kret/pushing blocks to the right
moving Kret up
moving Kret down
speeding up his fall
moving Kret to the left with a kick
moving Kret to the right with a kick
moving Kret up with a kick
destroying the block under Kret
sound on/off
speeding up the game (raising the level)
quick minimization
- cursor key 'left' or key 'Z'
- cursor key 'right'or key 'X'
- cursor key 'up' or key 'S'
- he falls down on his own (twice slower than rubble)
- cursor key 'down' or left Alt
- press simultaneously Ctrl + cursor key 'left' or 'Z'
- Ctrl + cursor key 'right' or 'X'
- Ctrl + cursor key 'up' or 'S'
- key 'Q' (Kret loses 1 life, see Description)
- key 'D'
- key 'P'
- space-bar
- key 'ESC'

The Kret applets are optimized for the resolution of 1024x768 High Colour. In case of running the game at lower resolution, Kret's image may be deformed.

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