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Kret The Boss

After years of work Kret was eventually fully appreciated and promoted to Managing Director. Now he has other miners to work for him and, practically, he could do nothing himself. What is more, he can win new lives, so his future seems very attractive. However, the reality is not so idyllic. The miners keep burrowing and the pile of blocks keeps moving. The better Director Kret is, the greater is the number of miners working for him and the intensity of block movement.That is why he has to focus his attention on surviving. Besides, the work of the miners is less effective than his work, which is why he has to do some burrowing, too, if he wants to earn more. Apart from that, there is a danger that, if he does not supervise his workers, they will stop working and a catastrophy may happen...

Is there an exit from the mine? Can Kret be promoted to an even higher position? Shall we ever find out who builds those piles of rubble all the time? Maybe time will tell?...

Keyboard Control
moving Kret to the left
moving Kret to the right
moving Kret up
moving Kret down
speeding up his fall
sound on/off
speeding up the game (raising the level)
quick minimization
- cursor key 'left' or key 'Z'
- cursor key 'right'or key 'X'
- cursor key 'up' or key 'S'
- he falls down on his own (twice slower than rubble)
- cursor key 'down' or left Alt
- key 'D'
- key 'P'
- space-bar
- key 'ESC'

The Kret applets are optimized for the resolution of 1024x768 High Colour. In case of running the game at lower resolution, Kret's image may be deformed.

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