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A long time ago Kret the mole got into a dungeon, from which he cannot find an exit. To make matters worse it is filled with loads and loads of rubble. Fortunately, Kret is an expert at coping with such problems. He knows how to get rid of bits of rubble by breaking them up into dust. However, the space cleared in this way makes the blocks above him fall down, threatening to crush the poor thing. What is more, the blocks at the bottom sometimes fall into pieces on their own, which also causes the pile to collapse and makes Kret duck sideways.

Gradually the blocks break up and fall down faster and faster. To avoid being crushed Kret has to act more and more speedily. His life is hard and full of surprises. The rubble keeps falling down. Will it ever stop? Is there any exit from the dungeon? Little Kret doesn't know this...

Keyboard Control
moving Kret to the left
moving Kret to the right
moving Kret up
moving Kret down
sound on/off
speeding up the game (raising the level)
quick minimization
- cursor key 'left' or key 'Z'
- cursor key 'right'or key 'X'
- cursor key 'up' or key 'S'
- he falls down on his own (twice slower than rubble)
- key 'D'
- key 'P'
- space-bar
- key 'ESC'

The Kret applets are optimized for the resolution of 1024x768 High Colour. In case of running the game at lower resolution, Kret's image may be deformed.

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