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Kret The Minister

Kret's career is rocketing! In recognition of his outstanding achievements as Managing Director he has been appointed Minister. Now he has to tackle even more difficut tasks than before. He cannot destroy the falling blocks any more; if he does, he is punished and loses lots of points. Now he has to ensure a smooth flow of blocks through the Ministry. For this purpose he has been equipped with a new skill: he can push blocks aside. The more blocks will he get through the narrow opening into the depths below it for further processing, the more points will he score. Obviously, in some cases in order to unblock the passage it may be necessary to destroy a block, but this should be avoided. As Kret has acquired new skills, the keyboard control has been changed accordingly.

Will Kret's conscientiousness help him find the exit from the Ministry and get promoted to an even higher position? Is it possible for him to become ... well, that's it: what?

Keyboard Control

moving Kret/pushing blocks to the left
moving Kret/pushing blocks to the right
moving Kret up
moving Kret down
speeding up his fall
moving Kret to the left with a kick
moving Kret to the right with a kick
moving Kret up with a kick
sound on/off
speeding up the game (raising the level)
quick minimization
- cursor key 'left' or key 'Z'
- cursor key 'right'or key 'X'
- cursor key 'up' or key 'S'
- he falls down on his own (twice slower than rubble)
- cursor key 'down' or left Alt
- press simultaneously Ctrl + cursor key 'left' or 'Z'
- Ctrl + cursor key 'right' or 'X'
- Ctrl + cursor key 'up' or 'S'
- key 'D'
- key 'P'
- space-bar
- key 'ESC'

The Kret applets are optimized for the resolution of 1024x768 High Colour. In case of running the game at lower resolution, Kret's image may be deformed.

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