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Kret the Resident

Kret's life is full of surprises. This time he managed to take control of a Very Important Person.

The Resident is very reliant on Kret and he copies all his moves, but he is in another place and is surrounded by a different combination of blocks, so you have to think for both of them. Besides, the Resident needs to be constantly supervised. If he doesn't get any guidelines, after some time he starts taking his own decisions, which may be disastrous...

To make matters worse both of them are attacked from practically all sides. Fortunately, there are longer periods of peace, too, but you never know how and when they will end. And there will be no place to hide then...

Keyboard Control

moving Kret to the left
moving Kret to the right
moving Kret up
moving Kret down
speeding up the fall
sound on/off
speeding up the game (raising the level)
quick minimization
- cursor key 'left' or key 'Z'
- cursor key 'right'or key 'X'
- cursor key 'up' or key 'S'
- they fall down on his own (twice slower than rubble)
- cursor key 'down' or left Alt
- key 'D'
- key 'P'
- space-bar
- key 'ESC'

The Kret applets are optimized for the resolution of 1024x768 High Colour. In case of running the game at lower resolution, Kret's image may be deformed.

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